High-Ticket Portfolio
Bootcamp for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers

Let’s polish your portfolio and create some amazing designs together so you can:

⭐️ Ditch the boring assistant work
⭐️ Get bigger projects and better clients
⭐️ Increase your rates

October 04-08, 2021 at 11:00 AM CT

Day 01: Logo Design Mastery — Create Designs That Turn Heads

The exact process you need to follow when designing logos to ensure your clients are overjoyed and eager to bring you more business …and how not following this process can result into confusing, disconnected, or boring outcomes.

Day 02: The 3 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets To Building A Lucrative Design Career

The two unexpected revelations that can change your design career TODAY …and one discovery that’ll make ANY design you’ll ever create exponentially better. Following these rules guarantee success without having to be a creative genius or a virtuoso visual artist.

Day 03: How To Create A Portfolio That Commands High-Ticket Prices

…without spending days trying to decide what to include in it, not knowing how it should look like, or feeling like a complete fraud while doing it. Learn how to build and present your design portfolio with confidence and superb quality for the highest return.

Day 04: VIP DAY — Live Design Reviews: Take Your Logo Designs To The Next Level

Find out exactly what you need to change in your designs to improve them and how to do it. By application only.

BONUS DAY: Build Financial Freedom With Design

Why most designers are stuck in the daily rat race of pleasing clients they don’t like, and how you can break out of it, cherry-pick your projects and clients, and make more while working less.

Create Beautiful Freebies and Workbooks (...without hiring a designer)

The Ultimate Freebie Template is the easiest and fastest way to create a beautiful and professional looking layouts for your freebies, lead magnets, workbooks, step-by-step guides, recipe cards, and much more.

Get 54 Canva Layout Templates tailored for lead magnets, workbooks, and other online course/program support content, 10 Extra Cover Designs, 12 Header/footer designs, and business strategy and marketing Bonuses for just one payment of $37.


How to upgrade your current brand?

 Imagine how it would feel to have your brand finally reflect the vision you have in your head. A vision that will take you and your business to the next level. That’s what we’re going to start working on right now. Watch the video to learn what it takes to uplevel your branding.

Design Hack: Using a table of content template to create a step-by-step guide.

In this quick Design Hack video (15min 09s), I’ll show you how you can use a table of content template to create a beautiful and styled PDF step-by-step guides or “listicles.” Free Canva templates shown in the video available.

How to grow your brand when you don’t have a product or service ready?

Check out this quick video lesson (~16min 40s) and get ready to map your brand’s long term vision and short term goals, as well as the next steps you need to take. Learn also the unbeatable strategizing method: OGST.

Polished Brand Look & Feel in Minutes (...without hiring a designer)

The Brand Identity Kit is the easiest and fastest way to create a beautiful and professional looking branding (logo, colors, fonts) for your business.

Get immediate access to all 11 Brand Identity Templates (35+ editable logos and logo elements!), Logo Generator with 6 premade logo kits (36+ logos), 100 Color & Font Pairings, step-by-step Video Tutorials, and the Business Value Maximizer Bonus Training for just one single payment of $27 (USD)

For Exclusive VIPs Only

Build the brand of your dreams confidently and attract a steady stream of paying customers in 6 weeks or less. Without spending crazy amounts of money, taking forever, or feeling afraid of looking unprofessional… and most importantly: with 1:1 help from a seasoned brand designer.

In other words, apply to become a Branding Done Right VIP member.

Branding Done Right is the first program of its kind that…

Is built with a holistic approach, ensuring both strategy and visual identity are covered. No one-size-fits-all “strategies” that fail to capture what’s actually unique about your brand, and do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress.

Teaches you step-by-step how to build all necessary design elements for your brand. When it’s time to build your visual identity, Branding Done Right shows you the exact steps you need to get it right, while teaching basic design principles you can then implement on ANY design or marketing project your business needs.

Focuses on building a brand both you and your ideal customer LOVE and on strategies that promote authentic representation AND customer centricity.

Branding Done Right is now in session. Join the waiting list to hear when the doors open again for enrollment.

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