Your portfolio is the most valuable promotional asset you have as a designer. It should represent you in a best possible way, and it should attract better projects and bigger clients. In this training, I will go over 10 tips that can help you immediately improve your design portfolio – ranging from beginner to advanced designers.

The topics in this training are:

Where to host your portfolio?
How many images per project?
How to order projects in your portfolio?
What kind of projects you should have? [Part 01]
What kind of projects you should have? [Part 02]
What should you write about your projects?
What should you say about yourself?
Make it easy to contact you.
How to make your projects look AMAZING?
Should you place your rates / prices on your portfolio?

🔥BONUS🔥 How to show you’re ready for those lucrative, big projects?
Check out the list and start working on your portfolio.