Branding is a powerful tool to frame your story and attract a fiercly loyal customers.

My passion is to make professional grade branding and design accessible for service providers, course creators, and coaches — and help you learn the skills to maximize the potential of your brand.

—Aino, dailycreative.io

Hey there, I am Aino. I’m a brand strategist and designer with a decade and a half in the industry. I’ve worked in branding agencies in San Francisco and in Finland, and learned from some of the world’s top creative minds.  

With 15 years of experience I’ve seen it all. I’ve designed and managed brands for huge businesses like Autodesk, Microsoft, and Ericsson. And I’ve also worked with individuals developing personal brands, like voice actors and realtors.  

Questions I help folks tackle often:

  • What kind of brand attracts my ideal customer?
  • How do I strategically scale my brand with my business?
  • How do I know my branding is effective?
  • Can I design my own logo?
  • Does my marketing support my brand?
  • Can I repurpose any of the assets I’ve already created?
  • Does this imagery work for my audience?
  • Do my brand colors/fonts/photos/etc. support my brand identity?
  • What does my brand communicate?

These are just few of the questions I get from entrepreneurs like you. If you are anything like me, you like to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You have lots of ideas and you’re proud of the company you’ve built — or the brand you are about to build. My heart beats to the music of people getting their creative work done with ease. Let’s work together, so I can help you make the designs you want.

But I don’t just want to help you create bunch of brand and marketing assets. I want to make sure you learn the skills that enable you to become the Creative Director your business needs. Daily Creative is you Creative Mentor online. I can help you take charge of your creative work. Learn with me to create and review designs, and how to know when your designs are ready to be published.

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