When it comes to branding, you definitely want to attract those customers who:

  1. Value what you do
  2. Understand that it’s a process
  3. Are willing to invest in it.

Not all clients seem to understand this. Some clients want a bargain price branding thinking it doesn’t matter how much effort is put into building it. But you and me both know that a powerful brand is well-designed and built on a strong strategy.

So, how do you specifically attract the clients who value branding? To find out, watch this quick training on How to Attract Clients Who Understand The Value of Having A Strong, Well-Designed Brand?

You have to educate your clients

Designers are educators. And it seems our job is never done. If you want clients who value a strong, well-designed brand — and understand the effort that goes into it, you need to educate people about the value of a strong brand. Things that are self evident to us, may not be self evident to your prospective clients. Help them see the value in what you do.

The 4 things you need to get right to attract clients who value a strong, well-designed brand are:

  1. Your portfolio
    • The quality of your portfolio is directly tied to the quality of the work you get
  2. The right offering
    • You need to be ready and able to create strong, well-designed brands
  3. Speak to the right people
    • You need to know how to confidently talk about branding, and convincingly discuss the process to get the attention of those who are looking for this service
  4. Educate your audience
    • To help people understand the value of branding you need to educate them about it. Not everyone understands why branding is important, it’s your job to help them see it.