No Fuss Meal Prep provides meal preparation guidance for healthy home cooking for busy adults working in tech (nerds by their own description).


Alexandra Moravek, the founder of No Fuss Meal Prep, worked closely with me to ensure the branding will reflect her business accurately and authentically.

First, Alex worked through the Brand Ingredients framework to ensure she has defined and uncovered all the things that affect how her identity will look like.

During that process Alex uncovered her inner “why” — the reason she is in this business, defined the primary target audience for her brand, detailed out her unique point of view, drafted a value proposition and positioning for her brand, and defined the brand personality.

This process ensured her visual identity was going to reflect her business purposefully and genuinely.

Brand personality keywords

Inspiring, creative, system, efficient, easy


Alex already had a website up, and needed just a little help with applying the new identity to the existing site. I helped her understand what color in her library would be just right for the primary button on her website. And what color would work perfectly for the Call to Action buttons.

We also looked at her brand fonts. And I made sure she has appropriate sizing and font weight for different text styles (header vs. body copy, etc.)


During the process, I helped Alex to figure out what kind of photography might appeal to her audience. And she is still working to test different styles with her audience.

To help her find the right photography style (and get a feeling about the visual direction), Alex has used mood boarding exercises that I gave her. I taught Alex to find images and use them as a way to communicate what she would like her brand to look like.

Alex then tested these mood boards with her ideal customers and picked the photos that resonated the most. We also used one of the photos her audience really liked as the starting point for the color library. See below.

Journey continues…

Alex’s journey continues as she is learning how to use her brand guidelines to ensure consistent brand look and feel.

With the help from design brief templates from Daily Creative, Alex is now learning how to hire and direct designers. Her plan is not to become the primary designer for her brand, but to learn how to make sure the designs she’s hiring out will end up looking like a cohesive part of her newly crafted brand. We’ll be following Alex’s journey and helping her along to way.

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