Is Brand Strategy worth the effort? What even is Brand Strategy? And most importantly: how do you know if your brand strategy is inadequate and lacking? What are the signs and symptoms?

In this video, I go over what is brand strategy and how does it affect your business and visual identity. And of course, what are 7 classic telltale signs of a brand strategy that is inadequate or lacking.

What is brand strategy?

Brand strategy is all the thinking, decisions, and definitions that lay the foundation for what your brand will look, feel, and sound like. Among others, your brand strategy outlines things like who is your ideal customer, how do you want to position yourself on the marketplace, and what makes you unique and different from your competitors.

Your brand strategy also creates a solid foundation for your brand story and how you talk about your business and products or services. If your business goals change, your brand strategy should reflect it. In other words, your brand strategy is deeply connected to all aspects of your business.

How to know if your brand strategy is not working for you (anymore)?

There are seven classic symptoms to keep your eye on if you want to understand whether your brand strategy is well-crafted and working for you — OR if it’s lacking and inadequate.

These symptoms are:

  1. You want to keep changing your branding (colors, fonts, etc.) constantly
  2. You are not attracting the right customers
  3. You’re not attracting ANY customers
  4. People are confused about what you do
  5. People keep asking for services/products you don’t offer
  6. Your business is not growing
  7. You don’t know how to talk about your business

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