Check out this video (22 min 50 sec) to learn what are the most common design related mistakes I most often bump into with small business websites. And of course, if you’re still on the fence whether you need a website or not, learn why having website is beneficial for your business.

Do you really need a website to run a successful business? You can definitely do business without a website. But if you’re going to grow and scale, you’re going to need a website at some point… Let’s take a look at why more in detail…

6 Big reasons your business needs a website

1 – Your business needs a “home” in the digital world.

You may have a physical office or a brick and mortar storefront somewhere. But your business needs home in the online world. An extension of your brand, if you will. And I call it a “home” for a very specific reason: it’s more permanent than your social media presence and you make the rules in your home, right? 

2 – Trends, rules, and even laws with social media change periodically.

You have no say in that. Imagine you have a thriving Facebook business page today and most your business comes via that page. And now imagine that Facebook decides to shut down that feature on their platform. All the customers who were contacting you through that page are lost to you if that was the only touch point you had with them. So, your business needs home online where only you can close the shop if it comes to that

3 – A well-crafted, professional-looking website increases your credibility, authority, and influence.

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the world as the pro you are. You can tell your origin story and you have full power over where it appears and how it looks like. Whether you want to use video, images, or simply words or an audio recording to tell your story — it’s all up to you. With social media platforms, they give the same template for everyone.

4 – Your website is your calling card.

It’s a place where people can come find more information on your products and services. So, you only need to learn an elevator pitch and then handover your URL – website address that is – and this is where people can find more information about you and your business.

Have you ever been excited about a business and then tried to google them only to find out they don’t have a website? I have, and it’s always disappointing.

5 – Your website also works as additional info supporting your marketing and promotions.

Now, you can do a lot of promotion and marketing simply via social media, and it can be very successful. But if I then want to know more about the business who’s Facebook ad I just saw only to find out they don’t have a website… well, it gives a little shady feeling. Who am I giving my money to?

So, if you use ads and market to cold audiences, I would strongly recommend you build a strong website to support it. Now, if you only market to warm audiences who already know, like, and trust you, it’s less of an issue, because like said they already “know, like, and trust” you, and they don’t feel like they have to check your background or credentials.

6 – It reinforces your brand image

…if you align your website with your brand strategy and visual identity, of course. Websites today are very visual, and give you a tremendous opportunity to build and strengthen your brand story. You can emphasize your brand tone of voice and messaging by having all the text aligned with your brand strategy. And of course, your visual branding will be at the heart of it all with colors, font choices, photography, and of course you logo at the top.

9 Most common mistakes I see on small business websites

For more details on what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, watch the video above.

  1. Primary logo is illegible
  2. Multiple completely different versions of the logo
  3. Inconsistent use of color & fonts
  4. Too many fonts and colors
  5. Font size is too small
  6. The font (style and design) is difficult to read
  7. Photos are poorly lit or pixelated
  8. Hero area — tbe “hero” person is cut off on responsive states
  9. Weird or inconsistent use of margins

For more details on what these mistakes are and how to avoid them, watch the video above.

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