In this quick Holiday spirited video (13 min 53 s), I’ll explain the dos and dont’s of Holiday theming your marketing and branding. How do you “dress up” your brand for the holidays? Do you just add a Santa hat on your logo for Christmas? What can you add to your brand to celebrate this special time of the year? Let’s take a peek, shall we. (I’m using Christmas here but same advice works for any holiday).

Who is this video for?

This video is great for anyone who does seasonal marketing campaigns and wants to know what are the best practices when it comes to the holiday theming your marketing and brand assets.

What’s in the video?

00:36 — Is it advisable to change your brand elements? You should treat Holiday theming as a campaign that has a clear start and end, and should not change the core elements of your brand like the logo or fonts.

01:40 — You can add campaign elements to support your campaign design. As a campaign, your holiday theming can bring in temporary design elements like an additional font or a color that will only be used in the context of this campaign and will not be used after the campaign ends.

Note! Any campaign elements you add should always support your brand strategy and compliment your visual identity.

02:56 — Campaigns are typically short lived and can change from year to year. Next year’s holiday theming might be very different from this year’s. And it’s ok as long as your campaign elements work in alignment with your brand guidelines.

04:22 — Examples of big brands’ holiday campaigns: Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Clinique, and more. Source: https://webneel.com/30-best-creative-christmas-ads-advertisements

07:44 — Holiday theming with photography. Ideas for getting Christmas photos done early for your social media accounts. Stage a corner of your house with Christmas decoration and snap photos of yourself in season’s fashion. Or go to a stock photo service and find seasonal stock photography that works for your brand. (Examples: Depositphotos and Unsplash)

09:32 — Example 1 of Daily Creative website on how just changing one photo and one color you can create Holiday spirit on your website.

12:15 — Example 2 of Daily Creative website on how just changing one photo and one color you can create Holiday spirit on your website.

12:49 — What do you do if you sell physical products and have special seasonal products? Highlight your seasonal products during the campaign and give them a special focus on your website (and on other marketing, as well).

That’s my few tips for Holiday theming your brand. As always, if you have any questions drop a comment below. Happy Branding!

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